Tips on Managing StressWhen we get extremely overloaded and feel so stressed out that we feel like we are going to burst it is important to reflect and remember that we have been in this state before and we have come successfully through the other side of stress triumphant and victorious. Keep reading. I’m about to give you some tips on managing stress that may forever change the way you feel stress and react to it.

Anything and everything can cause stress in our minds and put a huge strain on our bodies. It could be your neighbors turning up a kind of music you dislike or your essay on the civil war being due tomorrow or your car having problems that need to get fixed. Whatever it is that lets your mind create that stress.

You may be saying – “Woe, hold on just a minute, I’m not creating that stress, my essay is.” Well, the truth of the matter is that stress is caused by the way we interpret events. What I mean by this is when we are full of tension, anxiety, and stress about a certain event occurring we aren’t actually stressed out about the car trouble or the essay. It is the meaning that we are giving this event that causes stress.

If you didn’t do the research for your essay and write it like you were supposed to what would happen then? You may fail the class or have to struggle harder to get a passing grade. If you didn’t take care of your car problems now and put it off you could have way more serious problems in the future that may prevent you from making it to work.

The way we interpret situations and events that occur can create a bad or good situation from a very neutral circumstance. We will always have obligations and responsibilities. Trying to wish those things away will only cause more stress in our lives. Instead, if we shift our focus to one that gives a positive meaning to events in our lives we will create for ourselves endless opportunities where before we may have created undue stress and turmoil.

Shift your focus and attention by using these quick steps:

  1. Think of the job at hand that must be done. (For example, your essay)
  2. Break it down by asking yourself: “What if I didn’t do this?”

“I could fail this class.”

  1. Continue on this line of thinking: “How bad could it get if I didn’t take care of this?”

“I may not graduate on time.”
“I could miss out on the great job I want after graduation.”
“I may have to take the class all over again.”

  1. Now for the kicker, ask yourself this important question:

“What gifts and opportunities may this uncover for me in the future when I complete my task?”

“I will gain knowledge which will build understanding and wisdom.”
“I will learn valuable lessons in patience, perseverance and the value of hard work.”
“I will feel a sense of achievement by doing my best.”
“I will understand the subject matter of my essay on a deeper level.”
“I will be able to communicate these ideas and teach them to others.”
“I will feel a sense of pride and completion in my work.” “

  1. Keep your focus honed in on the gifts you will receive from completing the task.

In the beginning this may take some time to get this process down, but keep it up, and always do your best. Over time you will find that stressful events in your life can be transformed into incredible opportunities that you never thought possible otherwise. These short and simple tips on managing stress may change the way you view your entire life and may open up doors to amazing new possibilities.


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