Managing organizational change is one of the toughest challenges for a leader. Mostly, employees are resistant to change and it takes time for them to get used to new things. Managing change effectively not only makes one a great leader, but also fuels the growth of a company. Given below are few tips on managing adjustments in office.

Tips on Managing Change in the Workplace

Give time to adapt and train employees

This can upset employees and hamper their productivity. It is important to understand that adapting to new things take some time. Companies need to train employees before contemplating any revision in existing rules. Proper training gives workers the much-needed confidence to adopt new things.

Communicate early

Workers resent nasty surprise. Therefore, it is important for leaders to communicate early to their members as soon as they hear about any impending revamp. A leader must understand the reasons for an amendment, assess its positives and communicate the same to his team. It doesn’t take much time for rumors to fly thick and fast and therefore senior executives must convey the message to their juniors as soon as possible. Before communication, leaders should step into the shoes of the workforce and find out about their possible concerns about a particular alteration.

Communicate often

It is important to communicate often with the team to see that everyone slowly gets accustomed to the new policies. A chief must make sure that no member faces any difficulty while adapting to the new rules.

Try to capture hearts

A common mistake made by managers while communicating change is to focus on logical reasons than emotional ones. While stats, charts and number may appeal the mind, they can never win hearts. A leader must use anecdotes and stories to make an emotional appeal to the workforce. The workforce will be more interested to know how a particular change can help them in their career and boost the overall productivity. Charts and stats are important, but at a later stage.

Motivate employees

Constant encouragement makes it easier for managers to manage any revamp. Employees should know the benefits of the changes and motivated constantly to adopt them. An inspired worker will readily change himself according to the new rules and encourage his colleagues to do so.

While some changes are a part of business development, others are due to competition and changing technology. Both are quite stressful. However, an efficient boss always finds ways to reduce stress and make sure that everyone gets accustomed to the changes.


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