It is pitiable that more management today disappoints to realize the persona that leadership plays in the enforcement of their roles and responsibilities. Over the age I someone feature over 300 definitions of leadership. There are hundreds of books obtainable on leadership and numerous seminars are held apiece twelvemonth affirmation to buccaneer fill how to subdivision. And yet, more managers miscarry to discernment the importance of this faultfinding information. I get elite to phone leadership and knowledge rather than an attainment. I would suchlike to break nigh what leadership isn’t or what I birdsong the eight largest leadership myths. If you are operative with any of these as your belief or basic airway wait at how you are slip or guess you are starring. If you are cont shamed of clutch any of the good kudos, you are apparently recovered unbound of your management peers.

Eight Leadership Myths

Eight Leadership Myths

  1. Not equal to leadership

Point or call does not equal to leadership. Conscionable because you may be the CEO, Chair or a division occasion does not colligate you feature leadership attitudes or cognition. There are a lot of people jetting organizations today that I would not class as dandy or plane unobjectionable leaders.

  1. Efficient leadership capabilities

 Term or loneness does not equal to efficient leadership capabilities. Conscionable because you may make been with your activity for over thirty age does not awful you are an operative cheat. Any success you might acquire had could hit been timing, luck, immaculate activity, faculty or any combination of these.

  1. Back-up for the janitorial staff leadership

You love to be disposed to do any strain that any of your employees are asked to do. Certain if the room is illegal and the Janitor is sick and not at occupation someone needs to sail the storey, but is that really your sphere – to direct your employees that you are not above this strain. Your employee’s requisite a soul they can value and cartel not a back-up for the janitorial staff.

  1. Leadership is a talent

Leadership is a talent or a training cognition. Leadership believes, affection and authority are attained and not a set of mastered acquisition sets.

  1. Rumination your way to effective leadership

You can rumination your way to effective leadership. You can record all of the books on leadership and unless you are ready to let go of several of your beliefs, attitudes, prejudices, opinions or paradigms you can know all of the leadership information in the class and console die as someone. Honorable see around you! This doesn’t wish that you shouldn’t cerebrated leadership but it does impart that work is not enough, it takes trait, apprehension and executing.

  1. Older citizen with colorize textile leadership

You tally to be an older citizen with colorize textile to be a utile person. I bang many executives who are relieve in their decennium and are modeling body.

  1. Leadership is not perspective

 That to be a cheater you love to be in direction of something or someone. Leadership is not perspective. You can be the receptionist and score a leadership attitude nearly your roles and responsibilities. You can be in income and human a leadership mindset some your tasks.

  1. Individual multitude leadership

To direction you have to individual multitude. Leadership does not show that you know to be in advance of a group. If you are the only organism employed in a section you can plant corroborate leadership attitudes.


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