6 Incredible Tips to Manage a Couple's AngerManaging couple’s anger requires tact, patience and perseverance on the part of the couple. However this may seem an onerous task to achieve but with extra effort, peace will reign in the home. There are several tips to manage anger between you and your partner. This article will discuss some incredible tips couples could use to manage anger when they do occur.

Tip 1

Anticipate anger. What every couple wants is a peaceful home devoid of rancor, quarrel and bickering. But we know there will be disagreement on issues in the house which may provoke either partner to anger. If the couple could always remember that misunderstanding could occur anytime which may lead to anger, it is very easy to manage their anger when it occurs.

Tip 2

Listen and listen. When anger do occur, it is best for one partner to try and listen to the other in order not to aggravate the situation. Show your partner you are listening. If your partner is ready to discuss personal matters then try to listen to him/her with a view to finding solution.

Tip 3

Change the Subject: Although, it may prove difficult at the onset depending on the level of anger but it is achievable. Whenever your partner is angry with you then try to change the subject of the conversation. Try to move on to another topic of discussion with the aim of diverting his or her concentration or attention from a particular topic that caused the anger.

Tip 4

Relax: Try to relax whenever your partner gets angry on you because if you are also angry with him/her. You become a part of angry which made it difficult to handle your angry partner.

Tip 5

Avoid sleeping over on issue. Try to resolve any issue that day and avoid sleeping over issue. If this happens it shows the partners have refused to resolve the problem. This is the tendency to degenerate into a bigger issue and not easily managed.

Tip 6

Introduce a fine or reward system. As a way of solving anger related problems in the home, the couple could introduce a fine and reward system in their homes. This could be in cash or in kind. It may be agreed between the couple that any body that caused the other partner to anger should be fined may be a stipend or a gift. Alternatively it may be agreed that there should a reward for any partner that does not get angry for a certain period. This has worked for us, it can work for you too.


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